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Tectonic Incantations is a new body of work by Ayesha Tan Jones set at Underground Flower Offspace.

in a deactivated gym and swimming pool in North London.


Expanding on the world of

Parasites of Pangu, Ayesha's queer dystopian climate crisis opera - Tectonic Incantations seeks to excavate the remnants of a broken sky, a broken earth and broken hearts, to metamorphose them into monuments to a queer optimystic dystopian future. 

 feed the works with your poems and wyrds in the form below, they will be sang to the sculptures daily throughout February and March and their growth documented here.

The show will be available to view by appointment IRL once it is safe to do so.

All 5 elements are in gestation in our latex cocoons. 

As music begins and intro speech comes in, small movements from SPIRIT. 


Intro Song begins


[Spirit] :


before there were words

or concepts

wisdom or reason

before boundaries of mind

there was an egg

an entity in which contained yin and yang, chaos and order

pangu,  a being beyond light, beyond binary, beyond mortality 

they grew, ten ft a day, keeping heaven and earth at bay

till pangu grew weak, and dissolved,


SPIRIT begins to pierce through the latex


and their body became the earth, their left eye the sun, their right eye the moon

their hair become the shooting stars

their tears and sweat, the rain and dew,

their muscles became soil,

their breath the wind and voice the thunder

their blood and veins the rivers

and their bones the rocks

their bone marrow, the rare earth minerals that we mine for now

and the parasites that did reside on pangu’s flesh, became you


[Spirit sings] :

D E A D 

are the notes of your lullaby

future babies

fall asleep 

and will not cry

for you are gone

and what have you left

i search for the source

uncoded unspun


the web that cradled you

is twisted and burnt

not fire and no fuel

histories unlearnt

finite is forever

resources resorted to none

i yearn through toxic weather

retorted remorses are sung


for you


finite is forever x x x repeat


Other elements begin to move under latex 

feed us w/ ur wyrds.

ur wyrds will be sang as we water them

00:00 / 10:02

install shots coming soon


Curator Daria Khan and the artist in conversation, transcript can be viewed here