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Alembic II-64 copy
Alembic II-56 copy
Alembic II-58 copy
Alembic II-57 copy

This work was commissioned by Res. as part of Alembic II: Chrominance, a duo show between Maggie Roberts and Ayesha Tan Jones.

The show ran from 23rd of March- 28th April 2018

Above Images: Exhibition view: ‘Psychic Excavations: Parasites of Pangu’, commissioned by Res, part of ‘Alembic II Chrominance’, 2018 // Photos by Tim Bowditch

Above Images: By Ayesha Tan Jones

Mixed media incl: 

plaster,wooden branches, inflatable birthing pool, transferable tattoos, bird's nest, copper wires,
electronic wires, amethyst, bismuth, shungite, moss, black mirrors, iphone screens, circuit
boards, iphone insides, wax, water from River Lea oil spill, black obsidian foraged from Obsidian
Butte California, quartz crystals, faux hair, witch fingers, carbon tracing tattoo paper, minerals
from a geyser in Iceland, stone from white cliffs of Beachy Head, bio hazard fidget spinner, mugwort, thyme, marigold,
lavender and rosemary.

Image by Yasmin Akim from the closing ceremony Technoperatic Aria